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Singapore 31 Dec 2022
新加坡  2022年12月31日

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Mediacorp Capital 958 Facebook

Singapore 08 Sept 2021
新加坡  2021年9月8日


Singapore 29 July 2019

新加坡  2019年7月29日

Our Restoration Specialist Eve Zhang Yan was invited to Mediacorp Singapore's Capital958 Radio Station by DJ Jia Biao and DJ Qi Qi to share on her restoration work as well as give a basic understanding of the restoration process. The interview was conducted on 29th July 2019 and was recorded on the Capital958's FaceBook live feed.

Mediacorp Capital958 Radio Interview_DJs
Video below

Singapore 17 March 2019

新加坡  2019年3月17日

Our Restoration Specialist Eve Zhang Yan was recently featured in Singapore's Lian He Zao Bao 联合早报  on 17th March 2019. Inside, she spoke about how she made the transition from Commerce to Art Restoration and the tough road to being an Art Restoration specialist.

古字画修复专家张孝宅细谈如何修复潘天壽 6.85米 x 2.65米 大画 (画面由杭州明珠台所提供)
Wen Bao Zhai is proud to be part of this landmark restoration work. Our Master Restoration Specialist Zhang Xiao Zhai and Restoration Specialist Eve Zhang Yan worked tirelessly to restore this rare and huge piece of art, by renowned artist Pan Tian Shou, measuring 6.85m by 2.65m. 

Video Credit:  杭州明珠台

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