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We offer various art restoration services for Chinese painting and calligraphy.


- Thorough cleaning & disinfection of artwork using traditional methods

- Restoration of torn/missing parts of artwork

- Repair artwork with: mold, cracks, discoloration, peeling, watermarks/stains, insect bites

- Touch up of faded colours.

- Remounting of artwork using traditional methods by hand.

- Complimentary advice on restoration steps, storage etc.

- We are a Singapore ACRA-Registered Business Entity (53224226B)



The first step is for our Restoration Specialists to view the artwork, preferably in our workshop, with you present. If that is not possible, photos can be emailed to or sent to us via WhatsApp @ +65 8111-8580. If necessary, an on-site (Singapore only) consultation can be scheduled. We will never charge a fee for an in-workshop consultation, examination or quotation.


Once artwork is received, our restoration specialist will conduct an examination of the artworks. This includes assessing the physical condition of the artwork and testing of material of the artwork. This process might include removal of any artwork frame. 


Once the physical examination is complete, we will provide a quotation comprising of the damage observation as well as the recommended restoration process. This will include the cost as well as restoration period. 

Restoration Process

This may take between 2 weeks or longer, depending on complexity as well as condition of the artwork. 

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